Some people claim to have seen Sasquatches, or at least evidence of them, but those sightings are rare and impossible to prove. There's a reason for that. Sasquatches are excellent at hiding and sneaking. It's even one of the main subjects their children (squidges) study in school: Hide and Go Sneak. They learn to be experts at being unseen.

Which is all well and good for avoiding awful Humans, but it also means avoiding most of the big, wide world. It means living in a cave and never having adventures, rarely even getting to venture outside at all. And young squidge Hugo longs for adventure. He dreams of seeing the world and discovering all its marvels. So when he has an accidental encounter with a young Human, he can't help but be curious. Are Humans really as bad as he has been taught? He might just find out.

A highly appealing and relatable story for young readers.

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