For Adolphe Sax (200 Year Anniversary)

Long story short
Long story short Wels 2011 By Brötzmann, Peter Music CD - 2013 COMP DISC 781.65 BROTZ Available in some locations

Annotation:A friend recommended filling this list exclusively with Brotzmann's work. No one abuses the sax quite like this German free improv legend. One word-LOUD.

Out To Lunch
Out To Lunch By Dolphy, Eric Music CD - 1999 COMP DISC 781.65 DOLPH Available in some locations

Annotation:Dolphy was a master of many instruments, this is a high point in a career cut far too short.

Speak No Evil
Speak No Evil By Shorter, Wayne Music CD - 1999 COMP DISC 781.65 SHORT Available in some locations

Annotation:Shorter's solo work from this period perfectly complemented his work with the Miles Davis Quintet, excellent modal workouts that touch on the spirit of the rival free jazz scene.

Nuits De La Fondation Maeght 1970
Nuits De La Fondation Maeght 1970 By Ayler, Albert Music CD - 2002 COMP DISC 781.65 AYLER Available in some locations

Annotation:Nobody has sounded quite like Ayler, before or since his sad demise. Carnivalesque, intense, spiritual, passionate and quite mad.

Original Suffer Head/I.T.T
Original Suffer Head/I.T.T By Fela Music CD - 2000 COMP DISC 781.658 AFRIC FELA Available in some locations

Annotation:All of Fela's work features great sax work, one of the few artists where you can not go wrong with anything they have done.

The World According to John Coltrane
The World According to John Coltrane DVD - 2010 DVD 781.65 COLTR WORLD Available in some locations

Annotation:Great film of Coltrane's work, adds another dimension to one's appreciation of his music to see him in action.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk
Rahsaan Roland Kirk Live in '63 & '67 By Kirk, Rahsaan Roland DVD - 2008 DVD 781.65 KIRK Available in some locations

Annotation:Kirk's multi-horn approach to the sax must be seen to be believed, much more than a mere gimmick.

A love supreme
A love supreme By Coltrane, John Music CD - 2008 COMP DISC 781.65 COLTR Available in some locations

Annotation:Utter classic, nuff said.

The Complete Science Fiction Sessions
The Complete Science Fiction Sessions By Coleman, Ornette Music CD - 2000 COMP DISC 781.65 COLEM Available in some locations

Annotation:With Dewey Redman on tenor and himself on alto, Coleman first laid the groundwork for his harmolodic theories here. One of his most enjoyable sessions, thought provoking and powerful.

Soft Machine
Soft Machine BBC Radio 1967-1971 By Soft Machine (Musical group) Music CD - 2003 COMP DISC 781.66 SOFT Available in some locations

Annotation:Considered a fusion group at the time, Elton Dean's sax work with the Softs allowed them to transcend that unfortunate tag. Mystical, whimsical and entirely British, the music of Soft Machine was at a peak in the years covered here.

John Tchicai
John Tchicai By Tchicai, John Music CD - 2012 COMP DISC 781.65 TCHIC Available in some locations

Annotation:A collection of two sessions from one of free jazz's finest , yet unheralded saxophonists. Thoughtful and creative improvisations abound here.

Sanhedrin 1994-1997 Unreleased Studio Recordings By Masada (Musical group) Music CD - 2005 COMP DISC 781.65 MASAD All copies in use Availability details

Annotation:John Zorn is at the top of his game here, a great collection of recordings of the Masada Trio from 1994-1997.

Dogon A.D
Dogon A.D By Hemphill, Julius Music CD - 2011 COMP DISC 781.65 HEMPH Available in some locations

Annotation:Classic 70s free jazz recording! Hemphill pulls influences from African music and early blues in addition to his freewheeling work within the St. Louis B.A.G.

A Cage of saxophones
A Cage of saxophones Vols. 3 & 4, Indeterminancy [i.e. Indeterminacy] By Cage, John Music CD - 2010 COMP DISC 788.7 CAGE Available in some locations

Annotation:Ulrich Krieger is known for his extreme sax work with a wide variety of experimental musicians, even participating in Lou Reed's Metal Machine Trio. Here he tackles some of the more esoteric aspects of John Cage's catalog with glee.

Two not one
Two not one By Marsh, Warne Music CD - 2009 COMP DISC 781.65 MARSH Available in some locations

Annotation:Wonderful collection of live duets between Marsh and Lee Konitz. Both are disciples of Lennie Tristano, one of the fathers of free improvisation within jazz.

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Two hundred years ago in 1814, Adolphe Sax was born in Belgium. He was an instrument maker/inventor by trade, who brought the world the saxophone. This is a list of recordings that stretch that instrument's voice, far and wide. Please check out our display in the music area on the second floor for more selections.