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allmyangels6 added a title to their For later shelf Aug 04 2020
Baker & TaylorA collection of recipes for comfort foods customized to suit the dietary needs of diabetics, covering a range of dishes with step by step instructions to prepare sides, salads, soups, stews, classic dishes such as meatloaf or chicken...
allmyangels6 made a comment Jun 22 2020
"I LOVED this book! A family saga about love, forgiveness, and support. It is so well written and one is drawn into these two families, their lives. This one is a real keeper." Permalink
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allmyangels6 made a comment Nov 02 2019
"I did not enjoy this book. Like so many of Grisham's recent works, this one is slow to start and just plods along. I put it down midway and will not start again. Slow, dull, and unexciting." Permalink
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Nov 02 2019
"Kyle Mills is definitely no match for Vince Flynn !" Permalink
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