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Feb 22, 2020CASSIE ERIN KELLEY rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
This book was a surprisingly honest look at the dark side of human nature. There was a lot of cursing, which is accurate from what I remember of being a teen (forbidden fruit is desirable and all that). ‘The Female of the Species’ takes a serious look at attempted rape and the effects it can have on the victims. Alex Craft is not the typical teenage girl, and who can blame her after her sister’s brutal murder? But when she starts to work at the animal shelter with Claire, she begins to come out of the cocoon she has weaved around herself. Then she meets Jack, and she begins to have feelings for a boy, the same type of creature that raped and murdered her sister. As Claire and Jack pull her into the ‘normal’ masses, Alex begins to worry about the darkness inside of her. She has done a terrible thing, and she does not regret it. As senior year goes on, Alex’s true self begins to peek through, and though she is protecting her friends with the darkness, she is afraid that it will come out again. Can Jack and Claire handle the truth about Alex Craft, or will they be unable to cope with her true nature? This book is dark and not for the faint of heart. There are several attempted rapes, and Alex defends her friends with a lot of violence. The ending is hard to swallow, but it’s appropriate. I recommend this for older teens and up, and there is A LOT of foul language. But I enjoyed this book and the way it showed the horrible truth of the consequences of rape.