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Feb 04, 2021labraden rated this title 0.5 out of 5 stars
Alex Craft is trying to live out her life in as much isolation as possible, knowing that she not only can kill again but probably will. However, people tend to interfere with her desire to be alone. Claire, known as Peekay, which stands for preacher's kid, works with Alex at the local animal shelter and does her best to develop a friendship with Alex. Jack, who is known as a boy whore, is enamored with Alex and finally gets her to date him. They fall in love, but Alex's nature can't be silenced. Alex reminds me of the protagonist in The Girl in 6E, who knows that she is a murderer, so she only comes out of her apartment to kill those who she deems need killing. Problems arise when she tries to insert normality into her life. Alex seems to be a teenage version of this character. As self-aware as Alex seems, she still manages to let people into her life when she knows she will hurt them. None of the characters in this story are very likable, and they all make horrible choices constantly throughout the story. Overall, no matter how well written, this is a pointless, depressing story with no detectable theme or moral integrity.