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Apr 28, 2021bezoarbezoarbezoar rated this title 3.5 out of 5 stars
I read this book out loud to a group of 1st graders in a book club setting. I loved this series at their age so it was fun to revisit it as an adult. It was not the first book we read together as a small group, but it was the first where I began incorporating pre-reading skills. I read the back of the book (my movie trailer voice is always a big hit for this) and we looked at the cover and made predictions based on what we saw. Some of the things we covered during the reading included different types of dinosaurs, what different types of dinosaurs eat, what is a medallion, and comparing how the characters are feeling to how we would feel in their place. My students that were into dinosaurs were very excited to share their knowledge as we read. I remember my dad reading this series to me when I was a kid, and so the parts at the beginning and end where Jack and Annie enter the treehouse, get transported to their new world, then go home at the end were familiar. The chapters are bite-sized and ideal for readers transitioning to the chapter book format. This series is great at "sneaky teaching" where facts and information are incorporated into the story without sounding too academic/lecture-y.